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What You Need to Know about Bigger Brands Before Selecting a Laptop ?

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Many people prefer buying laptops from big brands.

But, why do people prefer big brands ?

  • They feel that these big brands are trustworthy and they will provide good quality products.
  • Some also prefer brands like HP, Dell because they know that these brands provide a lot of features in their laptops.

Overall, these are the two main reasons why so many people like to go to big brands. Now, I will show you how smaller brands outperform bigger brands in both the cases.

First Belief : Big brands give high-quality products which last long.

But how do laptops last long ?

It is not that the gadgets will last for 5 years because they have have HP written on it. Your laptop will last long if it is made of metal and if it is fit for rough-and-tough use.

The best way to confirm its long life is to check its warranty. If a brand is giving a long warranty on its laptop, this means that the brand is confident of the laptop’s long life.

Now, let’s see a real example.

HP 15s, the most popular laptop under 30000

This is the HP 15s, a good laptop under the 30,000 range. Look at the shield logo at the extreme right which says,

1 year warranty. This laptop is manufactured by the biggest laptop brand, HP.

Now, see this one.

Avita Pura, the best laptop under 30,000

This is also of the same budget range but…….has an 18+6 months warranty = 24 months (2 years).

Guess the company ?


There is a 90% chance that you might not have heard about this name before. Because it is a small brand. Now, in your opinion, which of these two laptops will last longer ?

The laptop with 1 year warranty or the one which gives you 2 years of warranty. But still, people are buying HP 15s only and not this one by Avita, just because it is manufactured by HP.

Second belief : Big Brands provide good features in their laptops.

Now, let’s take up the early example of the HP and the Avita laptop. Let me compare the features of both these laptops.

A processor is the most important part of a laptop. The performance and speed depends on the processor only.

The HP laptop comes with an Intel Celeron N4 processor :-

  • Base Frequency – 1.1 GHz
  • Max Frequency – 2.8 GHz

The Avita laptop comes with an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor. It is a very strong processor and if you are not aware of this processor, then see this :-

  • Base Frequency – 2.6 GHz
  • Max Frequency – 3.5 GHz
AMD Ryzen vs Intel

Just see the difference between the processors of these brands, a big brand and a small brand.

Now, let me show you the complete features comparison.

HP Avita
Integrated graphics card AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics
Heavy (1.75 kg)Lightweight (1.34 kg)
Model name : du1044tuModel name : NS14A6INU541-MEGYB

This chart certainly shows that Avita laptop has more features than HP. And you know which of them will last longer. In case anything goes wrong with the Avita laptop, you have the warranty card with you.


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But still, people who want laptops under 30,000 are buying HP 15s only. You can check out how many people have bought HP 15s and how many have bought the Avita laptop and see the huge difference.

But, when Avita is giving mind-blowing features at this price, why is everybody going for HP 15s ?

Because they don’t know about Avita. They don’t know about this laptop. That is why I am sharing all of this in this article so that everyone (including you) make the right laptop choice from the next time.

Share it with other people and stop them from wasting their money on the wrong item.

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