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9 Best Earphones under 1000 (The New trends of 2021)

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The best earphones under 1000 in India

Earphones are the growing trend nowadays, and the demand for these earphones are touching unbelievable heights. Especially, the earphones under 1000 are becoming extremely popular among all the people.

That is why big brands are competing so much to dominate the earphone market.

I am sure you would agree with me that because of so many choices and brands, it is very difficult to select the “right earphone”.

Different earphones and headphones under 1000

And that is why I have created this post.

Today, I am going to clear all your doubts regarding which earphones you should prefer and which ones you should just ignore.

For your convenience, I am dividing this article on earphones under 1000 into:

  • Wired
  • Wireless / Bluetooth

[sociallocker] As a bonus, I am cutting down these two broad categories into even smaller subcategories :

  • In-ear
  • On-ear
  • Over-the ear


Different types of earphones

You can have a look at these pictures and decide which one do you want.

It is not necessary to know all the technical names to get the best earphones under 1000 which will fit both your needs and budget!

Gadgets88 will help you with it. Many people call it “India’s #1 solution to tech problems.”

So let’s start with the wired earphones.

Best Wired Earphones within 1000

Though many new Bluetooth technologies have come into play, there is still a large group of people who prefer the wired earphones.

Let’s move into the main types.

  • In-ear
  • On-ear
  • Over-the ear

Now, let’s move on to the in-ear earphones first.

1) JBL C100SI

JBL C100SI, one of the best earphones under 1000


Though this JBL earphone has an MRP of 1200, it even sells for 599 on Amazon during the sale.

You can view the current price here.


No fancy design or wires, normal rubber wires
Awesome sound quality
Noise cancellation (passive)
2 extra pairs of ear tips
1-year warranty

Sound Quality

  • These JBL earphones have a good overall sound quality.
  • These budget earphones have good bass.

Many earphones these days have so much bass that they ruin the music.

I seriously hate this excessive bass.

Fortunately, these earphones are not like that.

The bass comes in when needed. It doesn’t make the music unnecessarily muddy.

  • They have high class vocals and high pitched tones.

Many brands often ignore the vocals while putting emphasis on the bass.

But this model of JBL balances all the elements and will give you the taste of exceptional music.

A balance of all the elements of music

I liked it very much.


This earphone has literally, a lot of features.

And that is why it has earned its position in the ‘Best Earphones under 1000’ list of Gadgets88.

A person talking to a voice assistant

Google Assistant as well as Siri.

different voice assistants available in earphones
  • This earphone supports the feature of passive noise cancellation as well.

I’ll explain.

Imagine yourself sitting in a very crowded bus with the earphones on your ears.

You can see everyone shouting at each other, but you aren’t hearing them. You are enjoying your music. This feature is just like that.

Just you won’t experience such extremes that you won’t hear the shouts and yells also.

Yeah, but it really does block outside disturbances and gives you some isolation.

a person wearing an earphone which offers noise cancellation
  • They are very comfortable in comparison to the other earphones you get within this price range.

Apart from being comfortable, these earphones won’t fall out from your ears so easily too.

When I tried it, it snugly fit into my ears, covering my whole ear. This is how these earphones block outside sound too.

An earphone under 1000 fitting into the ears snugly
This is how earphones fit into your ear snugly, without the risk of falling, though this is a photo of a different earphone, the JBL model also fits the same way.
  • The only con about these earphones is that it does not have braided cables.

Braided cables are better than ordinary cables. These help the earphones to last longer by giving the earphones a better wire quality.

You don’t get braided wires with this earphone, and that is quite obvious, considering the price.

And, in this case, you get a 1-year warranty card with the earphones. This means that the manufacturer is very confident of the wire quality and these headphones will certainly last long.

That is why, he has given a 1-year warranty.

And if you handle earphones with care, these JBL earphones are a good pick.

Colour Variants

The photo of the earphones above was its black version (the most popular).

But, yeah, it also has its colour variants.

You can choose your favourite colour from its two more versions.

white color variant of JBLC100SI
red color variant of JBL100CSI

Now, before you make up your mind whether to buy it or not, I want to show you its major pros and cons.

  • It will give you an excellent taste of music.
  • Very comfortable
  • It will not fall off from your ears
  • It will block outside noise so that you can hear your music comfortably
  • It doesn’t have braided cables.

Conclusion :

If you have any problem with the earphones, you have two voice assistants to help you solve it.

And, now for the most important part.

Is JBL 100CSI a value for money earphone?

You must have guessed the answer by now.

Look :

You have read about all the features this earphone will give you.

Now, all of these features in a single earphone, and that too, just for 599 (hoping you are reading this post during a sale).

Or else you will get it around 800.

In India, such deals come very rarely.

I challenge you if you can find any earphone which offers more features than it at its price.

So, I think you have got your answer by now.

This earphone is 100% worth it.

You can view this earphone at Amazon here.

2) Realme Buds 2

a person holding Realme Buds 2 in his hand
Realme Buds 2, one of the best earphones under 1000


Realme Buds 2 was of 599 recently, but these earphone prices fluctuate quite often.

You can check the current price here to get a clear picture.


11.2 mm bass boost drivers for good bass
Feature of magnetic clamping is available
3 pairs of earbuds of different sizes are given to fit your ear
It has a mic embedded in it
This earphone comes with a 6-month warranty but it will surely last longer than that because of the braided cables.
You have the feature of voice assistant which you can enable at a single touch.

Sound Quality

sound waves
  • Realme Buds 2 have very good bass. It is neither low that you can’t hear it nor too high that it affects the other tones of the music.
  • The vocals can also be heard clearly.
  • There is a bit of issue with the high pitched tones. But it is not that bad also and keeping in mind such a low price (599), it is more than enough.

In fact, these are one of the best earphones you can get within a benchmark of 1000 in India.

And why do I tell this ?

You will know it in the next part.



  • There are magnets at the back of these earphones, so that both of the earbuds can stick together.

These are good for storage purposes and the earphones don’t get damaged this way.

magnetic clamping of Realme Buds 2
  • This earphone will give you the amazing feature of passive noise cancellation.

(This means that the earbuds will snugly fit into your ears, blocking most of the outside noise and you will be able to hear the music without any distractions).

This feature is my favourite.

  • It also supports the feature of voice assistant.
  • It has a braided cable on the lower part of the earphone (braided cables are better than ordinary cables and last longer)
  • The only con about these earphones is that it doesn’t have a USB type C cable. Instead, it has a 3.5 mm jack.

Many mobile phones these days are shifting to USB cable. So it is not necessary that your phone supports 3.5mm audio jacks.

But you can check that yourself. Just check whether a hole for these earphones is given in your mobile or not.

A USB cable
A USB cable

A 3.5mm audio jack (AUX)
A 3.5mm audio jack

Colour Variants

I have already shown you the yellow-and-black version of this Realme earphone.


This earphone has two more colours :

the green and orange color variants of Realme Buds 2

Yeah, green and orange.

Now, I will give you a short summary of all the good and bad features about Realme Buds 2.

Why you should buy it and why you shouldn’t ?

  • It has braided cables
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Feature of voice assistant
  • It only supports a 3.5mm jack.

Conclusion :

If your mobile supports a 3.5mm audio jack, lucky for you, you have no issue with these earphones.

But if it doesn’t, unfortunately, you are going to miss all these features by this budget earphone at such a low price.

There is a reason, why, out of hundreds of earphones, this is #3 in our list of the best in ear wired earphones.

It is a value for money earphone within a price pool of 1000.

You don’t even have to pay 1000, you can get this earphone just for 599.

I will write this at the last.

You can see the currently bestelling earphones at Amazon here.

3) Boat Bassheads 100

Boat Bassheads 100, another earphone which you can get under 1000


Generally, you can get this earphone on Amazon for around 399.

But now, when I am writing this blog, it is on a sale and you can get it for 350.

You can check its current price here.

My personal view

500 is not much for an earphone like Boat bassheads 100 whose MRP is 1000.

Plus, it is everyone’s all time favourite.

Because it is the #1 besteller in Amazon electronics

This takes us to our next topic.


Good sound quality (with excellent bass)
High quality wires
It has a nice and sporty look.
1-year warranty
It can be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack.
An in-line remote and mic included

Sound Quality

  • Boat Bassheads 100, as the name suggests, has a very good bass. I recommend keeping the volume a bit louder for better sound experience.
  • If you are planning to use this earphone specifically for watching movies with dialogues, then this one is not a good option for you.

This is because the mid tones are not much prominent in this earphone. You will not get that theatre feel of dialogues.

But you can’t expect everything from a budget earphone. And as it is, Boat Bassheads 100 is already providing you more than you are paying for it.

  • Its sound is clean.
  • It also has a good soundstage.

Soundstage allows you to hear the location of instruments when listening to a piece of music.

It is my favourite. It takes you to the place as if the music is being played in front of you live.

a person enjoying the soundstage of a headphone

And this earphone is pretty good at it.


  • The biggest advantage of this earphone by Boat is its awesome sporty look.
Boat Bassheads 100

Its low price doesn’t mean that you will get an ugly looking earphone.

It is specifically designed by Boat for sports and it is the best earphone for workout and jogging under 1000 in India.

  • Its wires won’t tangle into each other. You will save a lot of your time because of the wires of these Boat Bassheads 100.

Look :

I faced this problem a lot with most earphones.

When I would finish listening to music, I would keep the earphones away, and they would tangle into each other.

the wires of an earphone getting tangled into each other

And I nearly had to waste 5 to 10 minutes to completely untangle them again.

But the wires of this Boat earphone are of high quality PVC so that you don’t have to get trapped in all of this mess.

These wires are thick too, and they last long because of this reason only.

  • These budget earphones, just like Realme Buds 2, have a 3.5mm audio jack.

They don’t support a USB cable.

  • If you want to claim your warranty for any reasons, the process is simple and hassle free.

This point has also been highlighted in many Amazon reviews of Boat Bassheads 100.

I will show you one of them. Look at point 4 of this review.

an Amazon review of boat bassheads 100

So you now know how easy it is to replace your phone under warranty with Boat.

Colour Variants

This earphone by Boat has a lot of colour options.

Along with black, they also have colour variants of green, orange, red and some more.

But the best ones are orange and green.

orange color variant of boat bassheads 100
green color variant of boat bassheads 100

And black obviously.

  • A perfect sports earphone.
  • Good bass.
  • Excellent soundstage.
  • Tangle free wires.
  • Not good for dialogues
  • It has a 3.5mm audio jack

Conclusion :

It is a value for money earphone.

And you don’t have to face the second con if your mobile has a hole for a 3.5mm jack.

Mine has it and most mobiles to this date have it, so you just have to confirm for your cell phone.

If you have read my whole analysis of this earphone, its features, sound quality and pricing, congratulations!

You can view this earphone at Amazon here.

I have told you enough about the in ear earphones that fall under Rs. 1000.

Now is the chance of on-ear earphones.

4) Boat Bassheads 900

Boat Bassheads 900, a wired headphone within 1000


You can get this earphone at online stores approximately from 750 to 850.

You can check its current price at Amazon here.


I felt a nice punch of extra bass in these earphones.
This earphone also has PVC wires (tangle free and long lasting)
Boat Bassheads 900 is foldable for easy storage.
The sound quality is very good though the mic quality is not up to the mark.
You also get a 1 year warranty by Boat for this product.

This headphone has a lot of features on it for you, and it also has an awesome build quality.

I will not waste my time by telling you about its build quality.

Because Ken has beautifully described the build quality of this headphone already in his video.

Skip over to 3:36 of this video to see the build quality of Boat Bassheads 900 and how it can solve your problems.

Because you have watched this video, you now have got the idea of what this headphone really is.

So, I will now straight move to its sound quality.

Sound Quality

  • Because it is a part of the Bassheads series of Boat, it has an appreciable bass.

It can give you a good pump in the gym because of its bass.

a person doing exercise in the gym while listening to music from boat bassheads 900

If you don’t like a dose of high bass in music, then this earphone is not at all for you.

But if you love it, then you will love this earphone too.

tick sign
  • The sound is very clear, especially for an earphone which you can get within 750-850.

Because of the sound clarity and bass, you would like to enjoy watching movies with this version of Boat.

a customer review of boat bassheads 900

  • But the sound quality of the mic is a thing of concern. The mic is located a little down in the earphone.

Because of this, sometimes the other person can complain of not hearing your voice properly.

So I recommend not purchasing this earphone specifically for calls.


  • This headphone can be folded to make it small so that it is easy to carry from one place to another.
white color variant of boat bassheads 900
boat bassheads 900 is foldable

See the difference ?

Many people even fold it to an extent that it fits into their pockets!

You can watch the 10-second clip of this video from 11:55 – 12:05 to see how he has folded the earphone to make it fit inside his pocket.

  • The ear cushions of Boat Bassheads 900 are of high quality faux-leather foam.
a headphone with faux leather foam

I’ll explain.

Faux leather foam is sweat resistant. It will keep your headphone safe from sweat and water as it does not soak them easily.

This is a really good feature to add. It makes the headphone even more suitable for gyms, where you sweat all the time.

And now you don’t have to take any tension of the ear cushions wetting because it won’t damage your headphones.

  • This headphone is extremely lightweight. It doesn’t put pressure on the head due to its light weight.

Boat Bassheads 900 just weighs 150g, which is very less for a an on-ear earphone.

An on-ear earphone usually weighs around 230g.

You see, Boat Bassheads 900 is feather-light in front of other headphones.

a feather flying in the open sky
  • As a bonus, this headphone also has the PVC wires, the ones which were present in the Boat Bassheads 100.

I’ll not repeat all of it again.

In short, they were the thick wires which don’t get tangled up and also last long.

Thick PVC wires which make the headphone tangle-free
  • Now, this is an issue faced by everyone, and Amazon reviews are filled with it.

Want to know what it is ?

The issue is of the headphone being a bit tight and hurting their ears.

Now, this is because the Boat has made such a design for its Bassheads 900 that both the earcups of this headphone remain intact with each other.

Even if you pull it in the beginning, it will again come towards like a magnet.

But you have to do it a few times to make it a bit loose and you will see the change within two weeks or so.

Yeah, it can seem a tedious task at the beginning, but see, just 5-10 mins a day won’t hurt you much. Right ?

Your efforts will be definitely worth it.

Because Boat Bassheads 900 is one of the best earphones under 1000 for gym, movies, and even gaming!

  • This headphone also has a very classy look, as earphones by Boat usually have.
boat bassheads 900

The finishing look is provided by the metal casing with a white circle you see on the outside of the ear cushions.

In terms of looks, no on-ear earphone can compete with this one at its price.

  • Like the most wired earphones, this earphone too can be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack.

Now, have a look at other colour options of this wired headset.

Colour Variants

Boat Bassheads 900 can be bought in two colours : black and white.

I have shown you the black version just now.

the white color variant of boat bassheads 900

Here is the white variant of the headphone.

Now, you will get to know about some of the major pros and cons you need to keep in mind before deciding whether to buy this Boat headphone or not.

  • It will give you a sporty look.
  • It is foldable.
  • It has high quality wires and faux foam.
  • It has a very good sound.
  • It will be a bit tight in the beginning.
  • The sound quality of the mic is not that great.

Conclusion :

Boat Bassheads 900 has no competition in the market of on-ear earphones

No on-ear earphone can match the features of Boat Bassheads 900 at its price and it rightly gets the name,

‘Best on-ear earphone under 100’ in 2021 by Gadgets88.

You can view it on Amazon here.

Since we are not going to talk about any other on-ear earphone, let’s straight move on to over-the-ear wired earphones under 1000.

5) Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2

Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2, one of the best wired earphones under 1000


Though this over-the-ear earphone has an MRP of 2499 but you can get it on Amazon from 599 to 699.

You can check its current price here.


This headphone is also foldable.
Boult Audio has a gold plated 3.5mm audio jack.
This headphone has two voice assistants.
It covers the whole ear and so it cancels some outside noise.
Boult Audio is not bass heavy, it plays a balanced music.
1-year warranty.

This headphone comes in a very nice box and gives you a premium feel.

You can look at how these headphones are packed inside the box to get a more clear picture.

Watch a less than 30-second short clip of this video from 1:50 – 2:15 to see the unboxing of the Boult Audio.

I like this red-and-black colour combination very much.

But sometimes you can’t get the Boult branding in red. Sometimes, it is done in white only.

Like this.

front view of the boult audio Q2

Both of these look awesome, but I like the red one more.

Sound Quality

  • Though the name Boult Audio Bassbuds suggest that there would be extra bass in these headsets, but there is no extra bass and these earphones are not at all bass-heavy.
a balance of all the elements of music

Boult Audio plays a balanced music, and the bass comes in when required, without making the sound muddy.

In many earphones, the bass drowns the vocals and the higher tones, but these earphones are not like that.

If you don’t like very high bass and want to listen to balanced music, then only go for Boult Audio.

If you love high bass, then this headphone is not the right choice.

You can consider other headphones under 1000 such as Boat Bassheads 900 if you want bass-rich music.

  • Boult Audio is very good for movies, gaming and soft music.
a person playing games with boult audio on his ears

Yes, it is a paradise for you if you like surrounded music, with vocals, higher tones and appropriate bass.

This is a nice headphone if you are purchasing it specifically for games also.

Let me tell you about the its features now.


  • This headphone is also foldable so that you can easily store them anywhere.
  • The 3.5mm jack is gold-plated for extra protection, and also to give you a premium feel.

It gives you a premium feel in every way it can.

gold plated 3.5mm jack
  • Boult Audio is a bit fragile and if you don’t handle it properly, it will break.
broken pieces of boult audio

So if you use earphones a bit roughly, these are certainly not the ones for you.

But if you use earphones with care and like to listen to a balanced music, then Boult Audio Q2 is the best earphone under 1000 for you.

  • This headphone has two voice assistants for you.

Google Assistant as well as Siri.

the different voice assistants

This is a good feature because now, if you have any problem, there are voice assistants to help you out.

Otherwise you would have to Google your problem or call the help center.

logo of Google
  • This earphone has pretty big earcups which cover your whole ear.

What’s the special thing about it?

Because it covers your whole ear, it doesn’t let outside noises disturb you.

You can enjoy your music in noisy places too.

And not only for music, if you are doing some important work, you can just put on these headphones.

And they will block the outside sound for you.

a person is studying with Boult Audio on his ears who is cancelling the outside sound for him

Now, I have a bad news for you.

This headphone Boult Audio Q2 currently has no colour variants on Amazon.

But it doesn’t make much difference because the black version is only the best one.

another variant of boult audio

And even if there were variants, you would not select them.

They don’t stand a chance in front of this awesome one.

I will give you a small recap of all the major pros and cons so that you don’t miss out on anything and end up choosing the right product.

  • It plays balanced music.
  • Boult Audio has a gold plated 3.5mm jack.
  • It also has the feature of voice assistants for you.
  • It is foldable so that you can store it easily.
  • If you handle it roughly, it can break.

Conclusion :

So, this was the full in-depth analysis of Boult Audio Q2.

And after reading the whole analysis, you might have understood that this headphone really provides you much more than an over-the-ear earphone at such a low price.

It is one of the best earphones under 1000 in 2021 for listening to soft music, watching movies and gaming.

I specifically like the premium feel you get with these headsets.

You can view this headphone at Amazon here.

Pro Tip : You can save this page by bookmarking it so that you can easily find this page again.

It is very easy.

In laptops, you can do that by clicking on the ‘star’ button at the top right corner

where the 'star' button is located on Google when viewed from laptop

By now, you must have found out the wired earphone which suits you the best.

Because now it is time to move on to our next chapter, bluetooth earphones.

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1000

Bluetooth earphones are literally on a boom now!

The photo below shows the number of bluetooth earphones shipped across the world, and that too, in millions!

the growing popularity and the number of shipments of bluetooth earphones
Source : Statista

This is amazing data by Statista and it also predicts the shipments of bluetooth earphones in 2021.

I also have something you need to keep in mind :

Bluetooth technology is expensive. This is why you can’t get many bluetooth earphones under 1000.

You have limited choices and features.

Among those limited options also, I am going to walk you through the best earphones under 1000 that are bluetooth.

6) pTron Bassbuds

pTron bassbuds, one of the best bluetooth earphones you can get under 1000


These truly wireless earbuds are priced at 1900, but you can get them between a price pool of 850 – 1000 at Amazon.

You can check its current price at Amazon here.


It takes just 1 hour for the earbuds to charge completely, and they have a talktime of 5 hours and a playback time of 6 hours.
Excellent sound quality with an incredible bass.
You can enable the feature of voice assistant
These truly wireless earbuds use the latest bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 5.0)
It has a bluetooth range of 10 m.
They come with 2 extra pairs of silicon earbuds so that you can adjust to your size.
1-year warranty
pTron Bassbuds come with a micro USB charging cable
They have an in-line remote and a mic for calls.

Sound Quality

  • These earphones have very good sound quality with deep bass.
thumbs up
  • The name ‘pTron Bassbuds’ suits them because of their high quality bass.

You will feel that deep bass in music while using these earphones. I love bass and I certainly like the sound produced by these earbuds.

pTron Bassbuds are the best if you want a bluetooth earphone that will play music full of bass into your ears.


  • These earphones look very classy, and certainly, you would want to wear it in front of other people.

And this is the main reason why everyone is going crazy after this one.

After all, it is the third most selling earphone under 1000 at Amazon.

Take at a look at some of its other features now.

  • It takes 1.5 hours to charge and gives you a playback time of 6 hours, as is written on the box.

And the volume of these earphones is really loud, so you can easily listen to music at just 40% volume.

But we listened to it at 50% volume.

50% volume by coloring half a circle

And we got a playback time of around 3-4 hours. But, as I mentioned, the music was really loud.

So, if you don’t listen to loud music, then you can easily work with 30- 40% volume, and in that case, you will certainly get a playback time of around 6 hours.

Though pTron has written that its earbuds take 1.5 hours to charge fully, in our test, they charged in just about 1 hour.

  • With pTron Bassbuds, you get a talktime of 5 hours and a standby time of 100 hours.
  • A major problem with these earbuds is that they are a bit bulky. I was not comfortable with the default earbuds that came in these earphones.
the earbuds of pTron bassbuds

They were too big for my ears.

If you face the same problem, no need to worry. There are two pairs of extra earbuds of small and large sizes.

You can just replace the default earbuds with the small ones. It is very easy.

I did the same thing and then there was no issue with the size.

  • It uses the latest bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 5.0)
all the features of Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 consumes less power and offers more features than its earlier version, Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 5.0 increases data transfer speeds and you can also communicate over longer distances with your friends.

a person video talking with her friend who lives abroad
  • These earbuds have a bluetooth range of 10m.

In my test, they worked really well until 10 – 12m, but after that, the connection started to disrupt a little.

How much more can you expect out of a budget bluetooth earbud like this ?

10m are more than enough.

You will face no problem listening to music even in the next room with these pTron earbuds, while your mobile is in the first room.

  • These earbuds are not sweat resistant. They can get damaged due to water or sweat.

So these pTron bassbuds are certainly not made for workouts or jogging.

If you are planning to use it in the gym to get pumped up by its bass, then I think you should think about it again.

  • You can also enable the voice assistant. It will solve any problem you have.
  • You can charge these earbuds with a micro USB charging cable.

Colour Variants

pTron Bassbuds are very good bluetooth earbuds to buy in 2021. And that too, under 1000.

They have three more colour variants – white, green and blue.

But the one I showed you at the beginning, the black, was the best.

Want to see the other ones ?

blue color variant of pTron bassbuds
The blue one
green color variant of pTron bassbuds
The green one
white color variant of pTron bassbuds
The white one

The blue and the green one are certainly not up to the mark and who wants to buy these ugly looking variants ?

The white one is still worth considering.

But the black one has no match.

the black pTron bassbuds

Before deciding whether you should move on towards this or not, have a look at its major pros and cons.

  • They are nice looking earbuds
  • pTron Bassbuds use the latest bluetooth technology
  • You will enjoy the sound quality a lot, and they also produce excellent bass
  • They can get damaged by sweat and water.

Conclusion :

These earbuds are great for watching movies, listening to songs and attending calls.

But they are not made to use in gyms and for playing games.

If you take these earphones to the gym, they will get damaged because of your sweat.

And since this is a wireless earbud, while playing games, you will not get that instant sound when you kill someone (in Free Fire).

The sound will lag for a second before coming.

But that is a problem with all bluetooth earphones.

If you ask me about these pTron bassbuds, I would tell you these are the best truly wireless earphones under 1000 you can get in India.

It is up to you now.

Which way were you planning to use this earphone ?

Were you going to use it for late-night movies, songs, and for attending important calls ?

Then you are at the right place. This is the one for you.

Or were you planning to take it into the gym or use it in gaming ?

Then I seriously advise you. Don’t waste your money on this earphone.

It is very hard to get bluetooth earphones under 1000 these days.

And you can get this earphone with so many features within 1000. If you ask me, it is a golden deal.

Go and get it now.

You can check out these earbuds at Amazon here.

7) pTron Tangent Lite

pTron tangent lite, the best neckband earphone under 1000

Both of the best earphones under 1000 in the bluetooth category are of the same brand, pTron.


It has an MRP of 1800. But you can get it (at an astounding discount) at 600 on Amazon.

Did you hear it right ?

A bluetooth neckband earphone at 600, and that too, branded.

But these prices change every week, and sometimes, every day.

So, you can check its current price at Amazon here.


This earphone uses Bluetooth 5.0
It gives you a decent sound quality with some bass.
They have a Bluetooth range of 10 metres
It has a 1 year warranty
This neckband by pTron can be charged via a micro USB charging cable
It has an in-line remote and mic included

Before I tell you about its sound quality it is very important to let you know about its build quality.

Which is amazing. You would not believe that this earphone is of 599.

In the video below Aman has explained and practically shown the whole build quality very nicely.

He starts his practical explanation of the build quality from 1:35.

And this earphone offers you a lot of features so you should watch this video from 1:35 minutes.

And because this video has already explained you the build quality I will not waste my time showing it again.

I will straight move to the sound quality.

Sound Quality

  • They have a decent sound quality with some bass.

You can feel the bass when it kicks in but it is not that high.

The music is not bass heavy also and the music also doesn’t lack bass.

If you like very high or extremely low bass then this is certainly not the one you are looking for.

But if you prefer a somewhat medium bass then this is the right choice.

You don’t get that premium sound quality with these earphones.

So, if you are planning to buy it just for its sound quality and bass, then I will not recommend you to go for this one.


  • You can magnetically clamp these earphones.
pTron tangent lite magnetically clamped

This way, you can store them easily.

  • These bluetooth neckband earphones give you the latest bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 5.0)
  • pTron Tangent Lite also has a bluetooth range of 10m.
  • These earphones fully charge within 1.5 hours. They have a playback time and talktime of 6 hours each.

I like this one a lot. 6 hours is more than enough. One charge can easily last the whole day.

  • The earbuds of this neckband snugly fit into the ears. And they are extremely comfortable.

They will fit into your ears so snugly that you will automatically feel that you are not getting disturbed by the outside noises.

a girl covering her ears because of outside noises

These will cancel all of them for you.

  • They have the support of voice assistant.

You can enable the voice assistant on pTron Tangent Lite with the touch of a button.

  • They are sweat resistant too.

They also don’t fall off your ears.

You can use them during gyms and workouts because it will neither get damaged due to sweat nor will it fall off your ears.

At the end, you get a lot more features than you could demand out of such a low-cost bluetooth earphone.

Do you want to know which colours would you get this earphone in?

Have a look at the topic below.

Colour Variants

This model of pTron is available in 4 different colours:


ptron tangent lite


red variant of pTron tangent lite


green variant of pTron tangent lite


yellow variant of pTron tangent lite

For the first time, I liked all its colour variants.

The yellow-black one was not quite appealing.

But the other three were awesome!

Now, you might be wondering about the major pros and cons.

Here it is.

  • It will give you a decent sound and mic quality.
  • It has a lot of features in store.
  • It is a very good sports earphone.
  • If you are expecting very high sound quality out of this low cost earphone, you would be disappointed.

Conclusion :

One thing that I would seriously suggest you is going through the features of this pTron neckband once again if you want.

This is just a budget bluetooth earphone.

But the things it offers are many.

And so it certainly should be a part of our list of the best earphones under 1000 in 2021.

You would be happy to use it in the gym and while jogging.

And there is not much lag also.

The reason I am saying not much is because there is a bit of lag in every bluetooth earphone.

So if you want high quality gaming of the next level, then you should only go with wired earphones.

You would not complain about the sound quality and the mic quality.

It is OK.

But the other things offered by this earphone are great!

So choose your priorities and then decide whether this earphone is the best earphone under 1000 for you or not.

If it does, you can view it on Amazon here.

These were the best earphones under 1000 in the category of in-ear bluetooth ones.

Now, let me introduce you to the most awesome on-ear bluetooth earphones in the market.

8) Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

Zebronics Zeb Thunder, one of the best earphones under 1000

This one is the red variant of Zebronics Zeb-Thunder.

I am showing you this one because this is the most popular colour, even more popular than the black version.


You can get this bluetooth headphone for somewhere around 800 at Amazon.

To be accurate, you can check the exact price of this Zebronics headphone at Amazon here.

Have a look at some of its important specifications.


You will get to hear that deep bass in music using Zeb Thunder.
The vocals are nice in this earphone.
It uses Bluetooth 4.2 (the older version of Bluetooth technology)
It is not sweat and water resistant.
You can listen to all the FM radio stations.
1-year warranty

Sound Quality

  • You will find the sound quality of these earphones to be fabulous.

I liked the deep bass in music and it is excellent!

You don’t have to rely on the default bass. The bass can be increased or decreased. You can change it in the equalizer settings.

This way you can listen to your own music.

  • You can do the same thing with other aspects of the music too.

You can play with the settings by changing the volume, bass and treble and make everything according to you !


  • I found this feature of Zeb Thunder very unique.

Zeb Thunder can be used as both wireless and wired headphones!

If the battery of this Zebronics model finishes, or there is a similar issue, you have another option.

You can connect the 3.5mm jack to the headphone and use it as a wired headphone.

3.5mm jack connected to the Zeb Thunder

You will find this feature very valuable.

Often, gamers face a major problem while using wireless headsets.

The sound lags before coming.

If you play games too, you know this problem very well.

But you can solve this problem using Zeb Thunder.

You can make this earphone a wired one while playing games so that the sound doesn’t lag.

And you get an amazing experience.

This is the reason I like this headphone so much.

  • You also get the feature of voice assistant on this headphone.
different voice assistants available in earphones
  • There are some cons in this on-ear earphone too.

It is not sweat-resistant.

You cannot take this headphone to the gym or during your workouts.

no taking of the zeb thunder in the gym
  • Zeb Thunder is very lightweight. It is just 147g.

This earphone won’t press into your ears and you will feel comfortable wearing it for hours at a time too.

  • It doesn’t use the latest bluetooth technology.

This earphone uses Bluetooth 4.2 (this is the Bluetooth version that was released just before Bluetooth 5.0)

  • It will take 1-1.5 hours to charge fully and you will get a 5 hour playback time in return.
  • This headphone has an option for you to slide your SD card into the slot which the headphone gives you.
the SD card slot of the headphone

You can slide your SD card in the long slot at the left and enjoy your favourite music.

  • This earphone contains one more important feature.

You can access the built-in FM feature of the Zeb Thunder.

built-in FM feature of the zeb thunder

You can listen to all the live broadcasted FM radio stations just with your headphone.

This takes us to our next topic.

Colour Variants

Zeb Thunder is available in 4 different colours :

Red, Brown, Blue, Black

all color variants of the zeb thunder

Here are the different colours in which you can get this Zebronics model in.

Choose your favourite colour.

Before you make your mind on whether to choose this earphone or not, have a look at its major pros and cons.

  • Zeb Thunder has an awesome sound quality
  • You can use it as both a wired and wireless earphone
  • Gives you features like a slot for your SD card and online streaming of FM radio stations.
  • You can access the voice assistant.
  • Zeb Thunder doesn’t support the latest bluetooth technology.
  • The build quality and the mic quality are not up to the mark.

Conclusion :

This Zebronics haedphone is good for playing games, listening to music and watching movies.

If you want an earphone for all these purposes, then this one is an excellent choice.

But, it is not that good with handling calls and for gym purposes.

You have to keep this headphone nicely because it is very delicate. If you handle it roughly, then it will break.

Though this earphone has some major cons too, it is worthy of being a part of the Best earphones under 1000 ultimate list.

I didn’t realize that while we were discussing about the best earphones within 1000, we have reached the final part of our complete list.

9) Leaf Bass Wireless

Leaf Bass Wireless, the best over-the-ear bluetooth earphone under 1000


The price of this headphone fluctuates around 1000.

When I am writing this article, it is exactly of 999.

But you can view the current price here.


Leaf Bass Wireless charges very rapidly.
You will get a good sound quality from this earphone of Leaf.
It is sweat resistant.
It has a good build quality.
It uses the bluetooth version 5.0
1-year warranty.
It supports the voice assistant.


  • Leaf Bass wireless can be used as both wireless and wired headsets as and when needed.

You get an AUX (3.5mm jack) along with Leaf Bass Wireless to connect it to your phone as if it is a wired earphone.

  • You will get an insane battery backup and charging speed.
enormous battery backup

It will give you 9-10 hours of playback time just for a 2.5 hour charge.

If you are an extensive listener, you will be very well suited by this battery backup.

  • It has an extremely nice build quality which makes the earphones strong.

Good material quality is used in making of this headphone by Leaf.

The ear cushions are very soft and you won’t complain of it hurting your ears.

  • The earcups of this headphone fully cover your ear, offering you noise cancellation
noise cancellation offered by these earphones
  • There are a lot of controversies on its bluetooth version.

Sometimes, it shows Bluetooth version 5.0 on Amazon, and on other times, version 4.1

So you order the product on Amazon only when it shows Bluetooth version 5.0

  • Very important these days, this headphone is sweat resistant too.

You can take it to the gym.

picking up boulders in the gym
  • This headphone is lightweight. You won’t feel the pressure on your head after wearing it for long.

It is just 210g.

You might have noticed one thing.

For the first time, we have got an earphone with no major con. And that is why I had kept this surprise at the last.

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Amazing battery backup
  • Nice build quality
  • Almost 50% of the people have given it a full 5-star rating at Amazon.
  • The product sometimes shows Bluetooth version 4.1 instead of 5.0 on Amazon

The minor con present in the headphone can be easily solved by crosschecking the Bluetooth version.

To sum up, here is the conclusion.

Conclusion :

This is one of the best earphones under 1000 for gaming, listening to songs, watching movies and even for taking in the gym.

You can use it as a multi-purpose earphone which will take care of all your needs :

  • High quality music and movies
  • No lag in gaming (you can use it as a wired earphone while playing games)
  • Getting pumped up in the gym

This earphone is fully worth it!

That is why it could make its position in my list.

You can view it on Amazon here.

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